Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trinita Prologue Sneak Peek #4

This is the last preview I'll show of the Prologue before its actually posted. From here on in, I'll begin work on the Trinpedia, so that you can read up a little on the Trinita 'verse.

What is that funny thing in the picture?  A broken sword?

Raina found this during her fishing run.   It is the legendary Aquasword, one of four elemental blades.  The blade of the weapon is composed of animated water, and can slice through anything.

The Aquasword can also change its shape, but our heroine doesn't know this yet.

Anyway, thank you so much again for reading!  Trinpedia updates will be made available as I post them!

-C. Moses C.

PS. EDIT. For those of you who have interest in Deviantart-y things, I held a contest to see who could draw Raina Riviera best.    You can see the winner here: LINK .

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