Saturday, July 23, 2011

P.O.T. 0-Prologue, Page 1

Prince of Trinita, Prologue, Page 1

Well, here it is folks!  This is the first page of the Prince of Trinita webcomic!   Thankyou very much for joining me.

I'll state my intentions for this comic:
1) I intend to update it every week on Wednesday and Saturday.
2) If I cannot update twice in a week, I intend to at least update
on Saturday, or else provide an explanation.
3) I'll also be uploading a gallery of sorts, and to create easy navigation so that you can read the whole comic.

It'll be tricky, but it's what I signed up for.  I hope you're with me.

-2011 C. Moses Cirulis AKA Mosobot64