Saturday, August 13, 2011

P.O.T., Prologue, Page 7

Prince of Trinita, Prologue, Page 7

Harowing journey is harrowing.  See you next Saturday!



  1. Hey it's Em! How goes?

    Ok, I got...a lot to say about this. I'll start with the good. I like that colouring and shading. That's pretty decent. I like that swirly style thing you are going for.

    But, being a huge fan of fantasy and what not, what is the setting here. Yeah I know Trinita, but is this medieval fantasy or Urban Fantasy or like a mix of both. Don't take this the wrong way but it feels like there is not much thought gone into this world and it's inhabitants.

    This has been bugging me since the beginning (which ties into the whole world development thing) is WHERE ARE THE PRINCE'S SUBJECTS? He lives in an empty castle! Royalty (unless they suck) usually have tons of subjects and guards. Now the guard thing would make sense if you continued with the whole "Utopia" thing but the Prince has a sword to fight with. His first instinct was to draw it. I would've bought the guardless Utopia if he didn't have a weapon or looked afraid to combat the evil dude but the prince doesn't. So why are there not guards trying to stop him? Why does the only subject (other than the Janitor) RUN AWAY?

    See, the guy running away would've made sense if other guards had tried to save the prince and failed, but like, why doesn't anyone try and help the prince? Why is he all alone in the castle?

    Then he runs to Reina But she of course isn't much help and they sit down like old chums and are like "Oh well! Prince is done for!"

    There's a lack of panic or urgency from the characters even though there's a demon taking over the castle. Now that they have the sword and realize that the fishing business will suffer they seem to be more interested. But why isn't the only subject of Paolo a little more...concerned?

    But back more on topic, the setting is kinda weird. Like, the fishergirls are dressed more modern when the royalty and subject look more medieval. The janitor looks really out of place as well with a very modern, non fantasy outfit. The character design needs work I feel.

    Also, hands. A few times Reina's hand has appeared backwards. Try to reference your own hands holding something. It looks creepy.

  2. By the way when I say stop him, I mean the demon, not the prince.

  3. Trinita is set in a mid-rennaisance- early industrial-era setting, so its neither urban nor medieval fantasy. There are splashes of italian and Roman culture among the human populous of Trinita as well. Raina is more or less dressed in worker clothes.
    (Also, Paolo's outfit is based on that of King Charles 1, which is sort of the tell in terms of time period. ;) )

    When I reference my own hand, it actually looks backward because my own hand appears to be the mirror of how someone would be looking at it from a different view, so as of now I'm actually not completely sure how to solve that problem.

    Paolo's alone because as you can see, he was reading and needed time alone. Also, his militia actually does suck, as you will see later.

    Anyway, hopefully I've helped resolve some questions on the matter.

    -Moses C.

  4. Well the prince's outfit fits that era and the lone subject, but the rest no. The rest look very modern. Janitor, Reina and Fiume look more like they are from our period clothing wise. I still find the "reading alone" thing to be not a good reason for there not to be guards. While leaving the room, they should be near the doors in close proximity, not away from the castle. Most royalty retreat to their rooms or studies for quiet time, not the throne room. Even if they are crappy guards, they would (or rather should) still try to protect their royals.

  5. I guess you have some good points, but I guess what I'm gonna say is this: Romans had T-shirts. (And remember this is a Roman/Italian-ish setting) And uniforms for work isn't new.

    Even if they were, we're dealing with a setting that isn't equivalent to anything on earth, so you've got integrations of outfits. Raina may be wearing a modern-ish T-shirt, but she's also wearing a sash around her waist. Fiume's got her shirt tucked in, which is a bit old fashioned. I guess the shoes are a bit out of place, but they give her a bit of extra flash.

    As for the guards, I guess my last defense is that a) I felt the need to introduce the throne room and b) Wanted to keep the scene uncluttered. As you saw by the janitor being turned to stone earlier, the guards would not have been effective anyway.

  6. "Sounds pretty impossible, sis."
    "So is the idea of strange women lying in ponds distributing swords."

    1. 'At least here we just have an improbably lucky catch to worry about!'
      (Cue Fiume grumbling.)