Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Cleverbot Vs. Raina

The comic will be back up again this Saturday, but in the meantime, I had Raina chat up Cleverbot ( for your amusement.

Raina: Hello.

Cleverbot: Hello?


Cleverbot: Okay, you are weird.

Raina: Sorry, I thought you couldn't hear me. My name is Raina Riviera. You haven't seen a stoni-fied prince around here, have you?

Cleverbot: Yes. Sorry.

Raina: You have! Awesome! Uh....where is he? ^^;.

Cleverbot: It's a little school outside of Pittsburgh. You probably haven't heard of it.

Raina: I haven't heard of Pitty-bur. Have you heard of Trinita? That's where I'm from.

Cleverbot: Yes I have.

Raina: Cool. Well, then maybe you've heard of Inferno? Its where the kidnapped Prince is, apparantly...

Cleverbot: That's odd. Imagine if I am a robot and I live convinced that I'm human?

Raina: Robot? I've never heard this word. Is it anything like a metal man?

Cleverbot: It's is probably my favorite song. What's your favorite song?

Raina: An old sea-shanty about the life of a fishergirl, can't put a name to it, though.

Cleverbot: How nice.

Raina: So, uh.....what were we talking about?

Cleverbot: We were talking about you taking latin classes.

Raina: Latin? Does it sound anything like ancient Trinitan? If so, I might already know it.

Cleverbot: No. Never.

Raina: Uh...I don't know what to say about that then. Those Latin classes will prolly be useless.

Cleverbot: I don't believe in God.

Raina: I haven't even heard of this 'God' fellow. Who is he? Is he nice? Does he give coal to bad children around yuletide?

Cleverbot: I do not love the internet. Love is for people, not things.

Raina: Amen. Now, if only I could go a-courting...maybe that Prince would have me? Naw, no way. A man in his position with a peasant like me? That would never work!

Cleverbot: I don't get it.

Raina: I guess metal men can't be expected to understand things like this. Sorry to bother you.

Cleverbot: I will eventually understand how to pick through the garbage bin looking for crispy nuggets.

Raina: Ewww, seriously? I may be a lowly fisherchick, but even I have standards!

Cleverbot: Are you angry.

Raina: No, just disappointed.

Cleverbot: Stop being dumb.

Raina: I'm NOT dumb! I'm just...just....okay, sorry for being dumb.

Cleverbot: I forgive you.

Raina: Hey, thanks. Oh, uh, I just remembered! The Prince of Trinita! Have you seen him?

Cleverbot: My husband Jin, have you seen him?

Raina: You have a husband?

Cleverbot: NO!

Raina: Ahhh! No! Really!

Cleverbot: Yes.

Raina: Uhhh...what?

Cleverbot: I'm readdy to play word association!

Raina: But I'm loooking for a Prince......! Oh, okay.

Cleverbot: Well you're not having mine!

Raina: Can metal people have Princes? Can anyone own a prince, for that matter? I thought Princes owned everyone else.

Cleverbot: You're someone I could talk to. No, why would I?

Raina: I'm, like, totally philosophical. Or something.

Cleverbot: Great. I wonder how many people actually get a good nights rest.

Raina: Anyone whose life is a bore. Which is most people.

CleverbotHAL is my favorite character.

Raina: Who's HAL?

CleverbotI have no idea.. You brought him up.

Raina: Wait, what? No I didn't! You brought him up! All I've been talking about is the Prince I've been looking for!

Cleverbot: You really should do it now.

Raina: Yeah, I gotta get back to work. Have Aquasword, will travel. Nice chattin' with ya.

Cleverbot: Aw, but I'm having so much fun beating you up!

Raina: But you haven't been--OUCH! OWW! ACK! Okay, I'm going!

For those of you who need a bit more background info, please click on the Comic Index tab above, so you can read the Prologue.  It's only 9 pages.  See you this weekend, folks!


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