Thursday, November 15, 2012

Canzine West

Well, folks, sorry it's happening again so soon, but we're not going to update this week.

"WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT?  What happened to this webcomic Mos, you actually had a consistent schedule going on! What's wrong with you?!?" You presumably ask.

"Calm down, good reader.  I have not forsaken this comic, it's just that school has been occupying me a great deal as of late, and that I shall once again be displaying my works in person at a local event, though this one is more oriented to the purchase of zines."


I nod.  "Yes, good reader.  This Saturday I will be at Canzine West, a fine event filled with numerous independent zine publishers as well as comic makers such as myself.  It shall only cost you 5$ at the door, and if you carry additional funds in your purse, you shall have the opportunity to bring home unique works that you shalln't find elsewhere, including collected editions of this very comic."

"Okay, then.  Why are you talking so funny?" You allegedly tilt your head quizzically.

"I haven't the foggiest idea.  But I am looking forward to seeing you, good reader.  I hope you can make it."


PS. I do have an art update on my blog.  Mostly old stuff, but hopefully it'll tide you over until next week's comic update.

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