Staff and Credits


C. Moses Cirulis
All parts
Yours truly can be found at deviantart, wordpress, and twitter. (Oh, and on, bonus!) When I'm not working on this comic, I can be seen studying at Langara college, or hanging out with the good folks at Cloudscape Comics, or in my basement, building a robot army.


Matthew Mason: 
Prologue, Clink City, Unrest in the Forest
When not taking notes on the latest chapter of the Prince of Trinita, Matt does school, IT work, and, occasionally writes fanfiction.

Sean Riccio: 
Clink City
Tennessee-based comedian Sean Riccio can be caught up via his site, or by twitter.  You can also hear him with his fellow comedians over at Set to Jet!

Shannon LeClerc: 
Unrest in the Forest
Shannon Leclerc is a fellow Vancouverite, Cloudscaper, and a digital animation graduate of the Vancouver Film School.  Her portfolio can be found here.

And, finally, you good folks in the audience!  Thank you! :D

-PS: If you would like to volunteer for pre-reading (And consequently get a credit here), please E-mail the creator at for more info.

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